What Vegans Eat – Day 1421


Breakfast: It’s Day 2 without Gary. 🙁
And it’s New Year’s Day! Whoop dee doo… I wasn’t hungry until the afternoon. My first meal was at 2pm. We had cooked up a lot of Pinto Beans and Millet a few days ago and I am going to be eating them all week. Today’s soup with Pinto Beans and Millet had Porcini Mushroom Powder and the remaining Tahini with Balsamic and Apricot Butter Sauce. It’s a good thing I enjoy eating Pinto Beans and Millet. What amazes me is how sated I am when I eat a big bowl of Beans and Whole Grain. Eating beans on New Years Day is supposed to bring good luck. I think eating beans every day will bring good luck. It will certainly keep things moving in the right direction, if you get my meaning.

Lunch: Feeling a little thirsty and not too hungry, I ate an Apple.

Dinner: I was feeling hungry and went to make a little snack of Walnuts, Cashews and Almonds. Then I thought, if I am having these nuts I might as well have a real meal. Sometimes a bowl of Oats is just what you want for dinner. I didn’t have any for breakfast anyway. I put the Nuts in a bowl with some ground Flax Seeds, topped them with lots of frozen Blueberries, then Raisins, then Oats and Soy Milk. Before I sat down to eat, I put an Acorn Squash in the oven thinking I would eat it later.

I never did eat the Squash. I went to bed early because I have to get up early tomorrow. But it was hard to fall asleep and I was feeling really hungry. Stay tuned to see if I ate my pillow while sleeping.

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