What Vegans Eat – Day 1423


Breakfast: Gary and I have not spent much time apart for most of the 12 years we’ve been together. We are both being conscientious about eating well but I know for me it’s different. It takes more effort to make the effort for oneself rather than for the one you care for. In the morning when I was hungry and needed to eat it seemed more like work to chop my Apple and make sure I had the Raisins, Blueberries and Flax seeds mix with my Rolled Oats to make it like we like it. Once it was made, I was glad I did it.

Lunch: I have about two more servings of Pinto Beans. I have not been very creative with them. Today, I mashed them a little as I warmed them up along with the cooked Millet and Porcini Mushroom Powder. Cooked millet tends to really clump together and required a lot of effort to mash. I am not into putting in the effort today! I thought that the clumps of millet looked a little like dumplings so I changed the plan. I would leave the clumps and imagine they were millet dumplings.

Dinner: A few weeks ago Gary and I bought tickets for tonight to see Choir Boy on Broadway. His acting teacher Austin Pendleton is in it. Since Gary can’t make it, I invited my friend Nancy. We met at Dos Caminos for dinner. I did not realize it was right in Times Square until I arrived. At first I thought it would be too touristy. It was packed inside and there was a little wait for a table. The service was excellent and there was a vegan option which is why I chose this place. I had the Vegetales with Smoked Stewed Oyster Mushrooms a la Mexicana, Pico de Gallo, Cashew Crema & Vegan Cotija served “Naked” over a bowl of Organic Grains, Rancho Gordo Beans, Greens and Avocado. I had only one complaint. We were served a plate of Black Beans and Rice for the table. When I asked I learned they were cooked with butter and topped with a sprinkling of cheese. My question is why? Naturally I did not partake.

Evening: Why am I hungry after the theater? Normally, Gary and I would come home and sit down for a light snack after a show. I made myself a small bowl of Cooked Millet, Spinach and Black Olives.


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