What Vegans Eat – Day 1424


Breakfast: While Gary is away in California I have made myself a long list of things that need to get done. Closets need to be cleaned, walls painted, books written, paperwork completed, get it? I started making a dent today. This meant little time for food. I ate an Apple while prepping my first meal.

I reheated the other half of the Baked Acorn Squash, filling it with Pinto Beans and Frozen Veggies. I baked the remainder of the cooked Pinto Beans. At last, the pinto beans are finished. The beans that were on top of the dish got nicely dry and crunchy, like when I roast Garbanzo Beans for a snack food.

Dinner: I wanted to eat some Kale but I didn’t want to make a salad and salad dressing. Too much trouble! I was still organizing and purging and moving stuff around. I smiled when I realized I could make a Serious Smoothie. This one had a head of Kale, 6 Celery Stalks, 2 bananas, water, and a little Peanut Butter. I filled a big mug and poured the rest in a jar and refrigerated it. I am always surprised at how filling and satisfying this is. Every sip must be chewed and the entire mug took a long time to finish. I continued to work, moving around the apartment and sipping my smoothie every once and a while.


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