What Vegans Eat – Day 1425


Breakfast: This morning I had to get up early. Fortunately this is something I don’t have to do very often. But today I had an audition in Manhattan. I wasn’t hungry, so I poured some of yesterday’s Serious Smoothie into a smaller glass to bring along with me. After I sang, I sat in the lobby, talking to a friend on the phone and sipped on my smoothie as I allowed the adrenaline to wear off.

Lunch: Once I was back at home, I wanted to get back to my long “to do” list of projects. Part of the plan is purging and that includes stuff that’s been lurking in the freezer for a while. We had frozen some Purple Sweet Potato Skins when I had made the Purple Sweet Potato Pie for Thanksgiving. Gary had an idea to use the potato skins for a new dish, but I didn’t want them lingering anymore. I ate an Apple while waiting for the skins to bake. They were exceptionally good and filling. I will finish the rest tomorrow.

Dinner: I painted one wall in the kitchen today. I will continue little by little until the kitchen/dining area is done. I was really hungry and ready to eat. Fortunately, there was plenty of my serious smoothie to sip while I made my dinner.

I had soaked and cooked Black Beans today, my beans for the next week or more. After filling two containers, one for the freezer and one for the refrigerator, there was one serving left to eat right away. I adding Strained Tomatoes, Frozen Vegetables and made an simple stew.


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