What Vegans Eat – Day 1427


Breakfast: Beth, my dear friend from Costa Rica is here in New York, en route to Cleveland for her mom’s 90th birthday! She stayed over last night. I had many options to offer for breakfast but neither of us was hungry after our heavy (read: oily, salty) meal at the Seasoned Vegan last night. I made Beth some coffee (Costa Rican, of course) and she mixed in some secret Bullet blend that I don’t think I need to know about. I made myself my herb tea blend “du jour” with Marjoram, Savory, Tumeric, Black Pepper, Cinnamon and Anise.
Lunch: When I am with Beth we operate at high speed. She had a list of things to do and I was there to help. She was having phone problems and we spent some time at T Mobile. Next stop was to find an optometrist that sold the disposable contacts she needed. We scored at Cohen’s Optical with 3 90-day supply boxes. A quick stop at the apartment was necessary to drop off the goods and add a layer of clothing. Baby, it’s cold outside. Then we walked to Best Buy (1.6 miles) and picked up her new laptop and external drive. Of course she needed a new suitcase to bring all her goodies back home. We found a deal at Macy’s. With our consumer mission accomplished, we went to Green Zenphony for lunch. I recommended the Clay Pot Fish Soup.

And we also got the Snow Pea Shoots in Ginger Sauce. Gorgeous greens! We finished up with an offering of Orange Slices.

Dinner: Beth moved on to her next destination. I finished up the Tempeh Stew with Tomatoes, Ginger, Celery and Red Onions.


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