What Vegans Eat – Day 1452


First Meal: I enjoy Salad for breakfast. This one had organic Arugula, organic Orange Bell Pepper and organic Raspberries. Raspberries have recently become my berry of choice. I love them in a green salad. The dressing was a thick, organic Tahini with chopped Onions and ground Flax Seeds added in.

Second Meal: The stock of produce is running low. I’m dipping into the frozen supply as need. I steamed some small organic Potatoes. When they were done I added frozen, organic, tricolor Cauliflower and organic Green Peas to heat up. It’s a stunning dish!

Third Meal: Gary’s friend Nick is premiering a 10-minute play and I went to see it. When I got back I needed to nosh. While I talked with Gary on the phone, I made a plate of organic Carrot Sticks, organic Apples and organic Peanut Butter. Gary and I have been apart for over 5 weeks. Today starts the ten-day countdown for when I fly to California to see him and the show he is directing. Ten…

It’s Friday night and I felt like taking a break. I made organic Popcorn with my popcorn popper. Why would anyone buy popcorn in a bag when you can easily make it fresh anytime. A popcorn popper is inexpensive. Don’t have room for it, but then you have room to buy bags of ready-made popcorn? Those bags are as big as a popcorn popper. I don’t get it. Start popping everybody! I topped mine with a little Miyoko’s vegan butter and Nutritional Yeast.

I went all out and poured myself a glass of Samuel Smith’s organic Chocolate Stout.


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