What Vegans Eat – Day 1451


First Meal: It’s the last of the organic Steel Cut Oats I made a few days ago. I reheated them adding in some water and topped them with organic Blueberries.

Second Meal: I was going to go to a conference today but I would have to drive. With the weather as cold as it is I stayed home and worked on my projects. When hunger came I made a soup of all the leftovers I could find. It had organic Tempeh and the organic Roasted Vegetables. I blended up the leftover cooked organic Cauliflower into Cauliflower Cream. Have you ever done that? It’s delicious. I topped the soup with it.

Third Meal: The organic Arugula I purchased will soon be gone. I made a giant Arugula Salad with gorgeous organic Orange Bell Peppers, organic Walnuts and Tahini Dressing. I added in ground organic Flax Seeds and organic Onions to the dressing, in addition to the Sesame Butter, Water and Vinegar.

For dessert I whipped up some Strawberry Ice Cream with frozen organic Bananas, frozen organic Strawberries and organic Soy Milk. I purposely didn’t over blend it so that little Strawberry pieces remained. I love the way that looks.


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