What Vegans Eat – Day 1454


First Meal: A new day with a new bowl of organic Rolled Oats, organic Raspberries, organic Raisins and organic Walnuts. It’s a good habit.

I was meeting my friend Diana in the Lower East Side of Manhattan to see a performance of The Trial of the Catonsville Nine featuring another friend, Eunice Wong. This play should be required viewing for all! It’s an intense story. If you are not familiar with it, look it up!
After the play, we went to May Kaidee‘s new vegan Thai Restaurant. It was just a few minutes away on foot but I took us in the wrong direction and we ended up having a nice little walk. It was a pre-fixe dinner which we were happy about. We could relax and not have to make any decisions. We began with simple bowls of a Bamboo Curry over Rice and a Salad. I can’t tell you what was in them but they were both very, very flavorful and delicious.

The next dish was a soup, fresh and homemade-tasting, alive with flavor.

We were surprised to be served another bowl of a different Curry over Rice, also very flavorful. The server said we could have more of anything! What fun. I had more of the first curry and Diana went for the salad.

The dessert was simple, small and PERFECT. Some Mango pieces and Peanuts served over Rice with a delicately sweetened Coconut Sauce. We love everything.


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