What Vegans Eat – Day 1463


First Meal: It’s lovely to be back together with Gary. We had a rough night though. We are staying at his 93-year-old dad’s house and his dad is not doing well. He has 24-hour, in-home care. The woman who is taking care of him most of the time is marvelous. But he seemed uncomfortable last night and was up a lot. We got up late and Gary served me a gorgeous cup of organic Teeccino with organic Soy Foam, dusted with organic Cinnamon.

He made a big pot of Oatmeal with Raisins and Apples for all of us.

Second Meal: We wanted to enjoy our day together so we drove over the hill to Santa Cruz. We stopped at Veg on the Edge for lunch described as vegan with an African twist. I chose the Shiitake Black Rice and Tofu Bowl.

Gary had the Black Bean Avocado Wrap with Black Beans, Brown Rice, Avocado Sauce, Arugula, Bell Pepper and Pickled Onion. They were both excellent and bursting with flavor.

Next stop was New Leaf Market for their Green Gardens Juice with organic Kale, organic Cucumber, organic Celery, organic Ginger and organic Lemon. They make one of the best, at a great price for an organic juice.

Tea Break: It’s getting cold and a little rainy. We headed back to San Jose and stopped fro tea at Crema before Gary’s rehearsal. We had a Ginger Blend Herbal Tea with Almond Milk.

Third Meal: After Gary’s rehearsal we headed back to his dad’s house. We cracked open a jar of Vegetable Soup Gary made a few weeks ago and heated it up. It was perfect.

I was stuffed but Gary had already warmed up some already-baked Tofu and Fries. I nibbled on a few.


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