What Vegans Eat – Day 1493


First Meal: Life in the Big City with a car and no owned parking spot means playing the “Alternate Side Parking” game. My car was parked on a Thursday side, where street cleaning occurs from 11;30am-1pm. The street cleaning is a joke, the cleaning truck rushes through in a blink. But it does get some of us to move our cars to avoid parking tickets. I schedule to go to Trader Joe’s during this time. When I got back at 12:30pm, the Thursday side was loaded with cars. It seems once the cleaning truck passes, people feel they can park despite the no-parking time period that ends at 1pm. I got a spot, fortunately and sat in the car until 1pm. The time was used well. I made phone calls. When I got upstairs I was ready to eat. There was one Orange in the bag of organic Oranges I just purchased that was a little smashed. I sliced it up and gobbled it down. Sweet.

Next, I reheated the Fruity Corn Waffles I made yesterday and served it with a freshly made batch of Fig Butter (figs cooked with water and blended) and Raspberries.

Snack: I also picked up Apples at Trader Joe’s and could once again have my organic Apple-a-day.

Second Meal: I was ready for BIG FOOD. My plate came together fast with cooked organic Pinto Beans, organic boiled Purple Sweet Potatoes, organic Corn and organic Spinach.


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