What Vegans Eat – Day 1492


First Meal: Gary is still in San Jose and will be there for a few more weeks. It’s not easy being separated. I pretended he was here an made some frothy, organic Soy Milk like he always does, to put on my Maté tea.

Then I made Fruity Corn Waffles. Gary, I know you would love these! I will make them when you come home. I discovered a great thing about the recipe. I left out the baking powder and they were just as good. I will be testing all of our waffle recipes without baking powder. I think I won’t need it with any. Stay tuned. I made a quick Peanut Butter Cream to drizzle on top.

Second Meal: I like when my mind starts thinking about what to make before I get ready to prep my next meal. I had it in my mind to make a simple stir fry with organic Broccoli, organic, Tofu and organic Red Onions. When my mind starts preparing a dish ahead of time, the prep is so fast when I start chopping.

Third Meal: My organic Berry frozen treats are getting to be a habit in the evenings. I have them while binging on episodes of the Netflix series, The Crown.


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