What Vegans Eat – Day 1503


First Meal: After last night’s delicious dinner, I couldn’t wait to wake up and have the same thing for breakfast. I got up early and went for a quick run around the school yard by our building. Spring is in the air! When I came back home I was ready to eat. Fortunately, since everything was stored away in Pyrex bowls the meal came together fast: organic Corn Pancakes, organic Purple Sweet Potatoes, organic Black Beans, organic Spinach and organic Almond Ricotta. Plus I sliced up an organic Tomato.

Here is my morning masterpiece! Good enough to eat.

Second Meal:
Next on my agenda was a trip to Whole Foods, buying a few items for me and more for my mom. I got to her home to deliver the goods. She had cut fresh fruit for me. We sat and had Green Tea and Pineapple.

She warmed up some of the soup I had made for her last week. We each had a cup of it. I took an organic Apple too.

Third Meal: I didn’t stay long at mom’s. I had to get home and then head to Manhattan for some theater. I made a fast salad with organic Baby Kale, organic cooked Spinach, organic Tomatoes, organic Walnuts and crumbled the last organic Corn Pancake that I made yesterday.

Snack: On the way to the theater to see The Importance of Being Ernest, I passed the Westerly Market. I was early so I went in the store and picked up some organic Dates rolled in Coconut, a treat to eat while watching the play.

I was meeting my friend Janet. You may remember, she’s the freegan dumpster diver. She brought a bag of mini Snickers bars with her from one of her dives. She doesn’t eat them, since she is vegan but she happily shared them with the other people in the theater lobby waiting to see the show. And most were delighted to receive the candy!
When the play was over we walked outside. Janet wanted to linger a bit and do some diving. It was right about the hour when all the good food is set outside to be picked up by garbage trucks. We were approached by a man asking for money. Janet conveniently had a packaged meal with apple, grapes and cheese that she also retrieved from a dive and she offered it to him. It’s fun to watch Janet in action.
Fourth Meal: I am eating a lot of small meals today. I got home from the theater and made a quick soup with organic Tofu, organic Red Onion, organic Spinach and organic Chickpea Miso.

For dessert I finished up the dates rolled in coconut that I had purchased earlier.


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