What Vegans Eat – Day 1510


First Meal: There was one Garbanzo Bean Flour Waffle left which had my name on it. With Gary away, there’s no one else here, of course it’s for me. But it wasn’t going to me enough. I spread some organic Fig Butter on it and ate it while I prepared some more serious food.

I chopped some organic Lacinato Kale, organic Garlic and organic Red Onions. While the Garlic and Onions cooked, I drained and cubed some firm organic Tofu. The Kale went into the pan next and I let it wilt before adding in the Tofu. There was a jar of some kind of homemade plant milk that I defrosted from the freezer last night. I think it was cashew or almond. I added that to the pan along with some organic Cumin, organic Chipotle Powder and organic smoked Paprika. This was a happy bowl and there are plenty of leftovers.

I have one big task today to read at least 1/3 of the new book Eat to Beat Disease for Tuesday’s show. When I needed a treat I blended up some frozen organic Berries again with organic Cocoa Powder, organic Soy Milk and a frozen organic Banana. I topped it with organic Walnuts and organic unsweetened Coconut (my kind of sprinkles). I’m drinking Jasmine Green tea all day today and I know I will pay the caffeine price later tonight.

Second Meal: The organic Butternut Squash I baked the other day blended up into something much better, a Butternut Squash Soup, blended with cooked organic Red Onions and organic Soy Milk.

Third Meal: Yep, the Jasmine Tea has been keeping me up. I couldn’t sleep so I made myself an organic Mesclun Greens Salad with organic Walnuts and organic Balsamic Vinegar. I went right to sleep afterwards.


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