What Vegans Eat – Day 1518


First Meal: Gary’s home! Hurray. He took a red eye flight and arrived this morning at about 6am. When he got home we had organic Peppermint Tea and organic Strawberries. I hadn’t slept well knowing he was in the air coming home so we took a long nap. There’s work going on outside on the exterior of the building so it was noisy, but not as noisy as last Friday. We slept through it.

Second Meal: I got up and began to prepare Gary’s welcome home first meal. I made Buckwheat Crepes with two fillings. The savory filling was a sauté of organic Kale, organic Red Onions, organic Yellow Bell Pepper, organic Tomato and organic Herbes de Provence. I roasted an organic Banana and mashed it with some organic Sesame Butter making a Banana Cream. I sliced some organic Granny Smith Apples and baked them with organic Cinnamon.

When everything was done, I brewed the Teeccino and frothed the Soy Milk.

I had thought the sweet filling would be for Gary and the savory for me but we ended up sharing both. Here’s my savory crepe.

Second Meal: Our dinner came late and we kept it light with an organic Spring Mix Salad, grated organic Carrots, organic Red Onion and Tahini Dressing. There was one leftover Japanese Yam that I had baked last night. It was pretty big. I gave each of us half, served cold. It’s like candy.


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