What Vegans Eat – Day 1519


First Meal: Happy days, Gary is back home. And he wanted Oats for breakfast. We had organic Rolled Oats with organic Raisins, organic Apples, organic Pumpkin Seeds, organic Blueberries and organic Soy Milk, which turns blue from the blueberries.

Second Meal: The work is still being done on the exterior of the building and the noise continues. I could not record my show at home. I went to the Progressive Radio Network studio in Manhattan and Gary joined me for the subway ride. He had a reading to go to a little later for the play Hurly Burly. Gary’s reading the role of Artie. My show was wonderful, with Dr. Will Tuttle, talking about the new book Buddhism & Vegetarianism. WHen I got home I made myself a quick soup with fresh, organic Shiitake, King Trumpet and Maitake Mushrooms, organic Cauliflower, organic Kale and organic Miso.

Gary would not be home for a while. The play he is working on is long! It was time to make green juice. This week’s batch has organic Collards, organic Kale, organic Celery, organic Carrots and organic Lemon. I had a glass with a few organic Almonds.

Second Meal: I wanted Gary to have a special dinner when he came home. While practicing my singing, I cooked a pot of organic Millet and reheated a jar of cooked organic Black Beans that I had frozen. A little while later I chopped some organic Tomatoes and an organic Red Bell Pepper. I made a quick spicy Peanut Sauce with organic Peanut Butter, organic Chipotle Powder, organic smoky Paprika and organic Cumin. Gary came home with a surprise, organic Corn Tortillas. How did he know what would go so well with this dinner I planned? We heated some tortillas and sat down for an enjoyable meal.

Afterwards, a toast! We shared a bottle of Samuel Smith’s organic Lager Beer.


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