What Vegans Eat – Day 1526


First Meal: This morning we had organic Oatmeal, with organic Apricots and organic Apples.
Second Meal: With the NOISE continuing from the work on the exterior of our building we went into Manhattan. I headed to the Progressive Radio Network studio for my show and Gary enjoyed a walk in the spring air. Afterwards, we went to Beyond Sushi. I’m a sucker for Happy Hour. I had a sake and Gary had a Tidal Lager.

The food here is far more beautiful to look at in person than in a photo. Gary had sushi.

I ordered sushi too along with my favorite Chile Mushroom soup.

Snack: It was time to see Captain Marvel! Guess what’s in the bag? Gary made us each a bag of organic Air Pop and I filled a glass bottle with our own distilled water and we brought them to the theater. It was a fun night.


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