What Vegans Eat – Day 1533


Fruit: I’m still a bit full from yesterday’s big dinner. Gary served me sliced organic Oranges.

First Meal: The noise has been excruciating today with the work being done on the exterior of our building. It’s hard to concentrate. Fortunately the workers take a lunch break. We had our lunch too, all the leftovers: organic Spaghetti Squash, organic Marinara, organic Grilled Vegetables, organic Sweet Potatoes.

Second Meal: I went to the Progressive Radio Network to record my show. I was interviewing Timothy A. Wise, the author of Eating Tomorrow. It’s an excellent book and the interview was great. Please listen! When I got home I was really hungry but neither of us was ready to cook. I took a bunch of organic Celery and spread them with organic Tahini. Then I rolled up my sleeves and made a new bathc of Green Juice with organic Collards, organic Kale, organic Celery, organic Carrots and organic Lemon.

Third Meal: We had our glasses of Green Juice later when they had time to chilled. Gary made me organic Tofu in his Marinara along with organic Sautéed Kale with organic Red Onions. Delish!

Later we both had glasses of Iced Organic Teeccino with organic Cashew Milk.


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