What Vegans Eat – Day 1535


First Meal: Gary and I are in San Jose for a couple of weeks to help pack up his childhood home and get it ready for sale. We are staying in this house for a few days. This morning 34 boxes that Gary had packed up the last time he was here were picked up to be shipped to us in New York. It will be fun to unpack all these treasures when we are back at home. It’s not easy to prepare food here since all the pots, plates and utensils are gone. We went to Khanh’s to meet Gary’s sister and brother-in-law for lunch and got our usual dishes: Rice Vermicelli with Vegetables, Tofu Rolls and Tofu with Shiitake Mushrooms and Vegetables.

Tea Time: Next up was a meeting with Barb, the producer at Playful People Productions where we have directed some show. I suggested we meet at Roy’s Station. I really like it there, but… Yes, there’s a but. hey changed their tea menu and they no longer have Maté Chino. I am so disappointed. I tried a new sample of Peach Apricot Black Tea with Almond Milk. It was nice but it wasn’t Maté Chino.

Second Meal: For dinner we went with Gary’s cousin Nancy to our favorite Vegetarian House. I was craving fruit so I tried the Mango Salad.

We also all shared the Kale Salad. This was excellent!

Gary got his Queens, which was exceptional today.

Nancy ordered the gorgeous Rainbow and ordered on to go for her husband Wade who was working late.

Yes, I told everyone there it was my birthday three days ago and that I was still celebrating. I was rewarded with some Soy Ice Cream.

We took Nancy home and stay a while at her house to chat. She gave me a selection of dark chocolate bars to choose from. I picked the Crisp Mint and we each had a couple of pieces. It’s a good one. Nancy lent us a saucepan and a few utensils so we can prepare some meals while we are in town. Thanks Nancy!


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