What Vegans Eat – Day 1549


Good morning. My juice cleansing continues. I had an organic Celery juice with organic Lemon and organic Ginger Juices. I like the mix better than straight celery.

I couldn’t wait to have my Red Lentil Porridge. It’s just cooked Red Lentils. Today I topped it with nutritional yeast.

I had a doctor appointment today and took two organic Mandarin Oranges with me to eat. Sweet!

There is a French couple visiting New York that I was hoping to meet up with after my appointment. I waited to hear from them as I walk around the Chelsea Market. This is a fun place to be, eat and shop. I came upon Seed + Mill. I was invited to an event when they first opened and couldn’t make it. This was the first time I was there and I was impressed! They have many different kinds of Halvah, a slightly sweetened dish made with sesame tahini. They had a display with different “cakes” of Halvah. My mouth was watering. I chose a slice of Dark Chocolate Halvah. It was heavenly.

I did not hear from my friends so I went home. It was getting cold and I was hungry. I reheated the leftover all organic dish I made last night with Purple Potatoes, Red Onion, Garlic and Bok CHoy.

A little later I enjoyed an organic Carrot Juice with added Lemon and Ginger Juices.

I was really tired today. I got into bed with a bowl of organic Strawberries and watched an episode of Sherlock on Netflix.


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