What Vegans Eat – Day 1551


First Meal: This morning I was meeting my neighbor Marcia and we were going to visit our 92-year-old neighbor who fell and is now in the hospital. There were so many things I wanted to get done before we left. I grabbed the one remaining Baked Red Lentil “Salmon” Cakes just before leaving.

We weren’t gone long so when I got back I finished my breakfast. I settled in to get ready for the 2019 Food Revolution Network Encore Weekend Q&A with a bowl of organic Rolled Oats, fresh organic Strawberries, organic Coconut and homemade organic Hemp Milk along with a small glass of organic Carrot Juice.

Snack: The cantaloupe I bought last week looked ready to eat. So I ate half of it.

Second Meal: I finished the remaining cooked organic Red Lentils topped with nutritional yeast.
Third Meal: My neighbors Marcia and Dan came by and we spoke for a while about our 92-year-old neighbor. She has no family and has depended on us for a long time when she needed help. It reminds me that we all need to plan for later in life. I learned a lot from my interview with the authors of Even Vegans Die. I need to go back and review it. We decided to order in from a new local Chinese restaurant. I got the Bok Choy with Shiitake Mushrooms, and Pea Pod Leaves with Garlic. Unfortunately the restaurant only had white rice. I haven’t had white rice in ages and frankly, I don’t miss it. No taste…

I brought out a bar of organic Mint + Dark Chocolate bar and made a pot of organic Peppermint Chamomile tea.


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