What Vegans Eat – Day 1553


First Meal: Gary is still in California for another week. When you are used to preparing meals for two, you end up with leftovers. Large grapefruits cut in half make two nice servings. This grapefruit looked so good I thought I might each both halves. I was wrong! With my organic Rolled Oats topped with organic Raspberries and organic dried Apricots, topped with organic homemade Hemp Milk, I was stuffed. The remain half grapefruit returns to the refrigerator.

Second Meal: I love salads mixed with lots of things. Today’s salad had organic Kale, homemade organic Red Sauerkraut, cooked organic Garbanzo Beans and cooked organic Cauliflower. I massaged it with some Tahini Dressing and let it set for a while.

All the ingredients meld together after they are massaged. Just the way I like it!

Second Meal: It’s TV Dinner time. We froze some leftovers before leaving for California last month. I defrosted it and warmed it up. I was delighted with all the flavors – Japanese Yam, Purple Sweet Potato, Marinara with Tofu, Kale with Red Onions and Spaghetti Squash. The marinara made a light sauce that penetrated everything. All organic, all good!


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