What Vegans Eat – Day 1554


First Meal: It’s a sunny organic Polenta Cereal morning. Inside, anyway. It’s cloudy outside and it’s supposed to rain. The polenta was cooked with organic Apricots and organic Pears. I had the other half of the organic Pink Grapefruit I cut yesterday.
Second Meal: Often, especially when by myself, I get so wrapped up in my work I forget to eat until I can’t think anymore! I was preparing for my radio show with Toni Akamoto, author of Plant-Based on a Budget. I made a quick and simple stew with cooked Garbanzo Beans, organic Kale, organic Red Onion, organic Tomato Paste and Water. I grabbed a bowl and vacuumed it before remembering to take a photo. That’s how hungry I was. I snapped what was left after taking seconds.


Third Meal: Today’s lunch became dinner, adding in Black Olives and topping with Nutritional Yeast.


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