What Vegans Eat – Day 1566


Tea: My morning Maté was a treat with the Chocolate Cashew Milk Gary prepared.

First Meal: Our plan this morning was to go on a long walk to the Mt. Hebron Cemetery in Flushing. I recently discovered that my great grandfather Louis Raphael was buried there. I wanted to know more about him and my Spanish roots. Getting to the cemetery was easy. Even with a map with the location of the grave it was hard finding it. I almost gave up. It was a very hot and sunny day! But thanks to Gary’s perseverance we found it! We deserved a good meal and we walked a little further to the Bodai Vegetarian Restaurant on Main Street. I ordered my favorite Two Kinds Mushroom Congee.

Gary got the Crispy Veggie Duck.

I had the Turnip Cakes. It was all so good. We haven’t been here in a long time and we should come back soon.

Snack: Back at home, taking a rest from the long hot walk, we had Teeccino and a piece of Sjaak’s chocolate.

Second Meal: Gary made dinner. He can make leftovers look stunning: Green Zenphony Rice, Greens, Sesame Bean Curd and Sizzling Wonder plus some cooked Potatoes.

He also steamed a Cauliflower using a homemade Carrot/Celery/Potato Broth.

A sweet ripe organic Pear was my choice for dessert.


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