What Vegans Eat – Day 1565


First Meal: I am in love with these Mandarin Oranges. This and Maté tea is a great way to start the day.

Second Meal: We are pretty wiped out from our two night Broadway adventure so we took it easy today. Gary made organic Oatmeal with organic Apples and organic Raisins, a classic.

Gary’s birthday week continues. We walked to our favorite (and only) vegan restaurant in the neighborhood, Green Zenphony. I got my favorite cocktail – Red Cabbage and Lemon Juice, no sugar please.

For appetizers, I had the Veggie Duck Cold Cut (bean curd skin with mushrooms). You don’t know how good this is until you try it.

Gary chose the Barbecue Veggie Ribs.

Our server came over after we ordered asking us if we wanted an order of stir fried Greens, like we always get. Of course we do! We got Chinese Broccoli.

Gary tried the Sesame Bean Curd today. Excellent choice!

I was presented with the Sizzling Wonder!

Evening Treats:
Gary made a gorgeous cup of Teeccino with Cashew Milk to go with the Seed + Mill piece of Pistachio Chocolate Halvah we each had. He used our “new” Ralph Lauren Wedgewood cups that he inherited from his mom.


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