What Vegans Eat – Day 1580


First Meal: My quick to Houston has come to an end. I have an late morning flight home today. I finish up he food I have left – organic Purple Sweet Potatoes and organic Celery Sticks.

Next I had a big bowl of frozen organic Blueberries. I love my anthocyanins.

Second Meal: Of course I packed a few containers of food for the flight. The first course was organic Garbanzo Beans and leftover organic Kale Salad.

Snack: I worked on my laptop for as long as my battery would hold out on the plane. I brought along several organic Apples for a snack.

Third Meal: The flight was uneventful but the subway ride was exciting. I took the AirTrain to the subway but there was construction at the station. It took a few minutes of confusion to figure out I had to get on a shuttle to take me to a subway station beyond the work being done. Finally, I made it home. Gary had a gorgeous dinner ready of organic Tempeh in a homemade Barbecue Sauce and organic Mashed Potatoes.

We settled in to watch the Tony’s but didn’t stay for the whole show. We had reservations at 10:30pm for the Joey Alexander concert at the Blue Note. Gary’s cousins Lou and Amy were there.
Back at home I craved Avocado Toast. This is what I made. Gary put organic Apricot Butter and organic Bananas on his Rice Cakes.


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