What Vegans Eat – Day 1586


First Meal: We have been out of Rolled Oats for too long. But there’s Polenta! I think I may like polenta cereal better. Gary cooked it with Raisins and a Cinnamon Stick and topped it with Walnuts and Apricot Butter.

Second Meal: We were invited to lunch at our friends John and Chris’s home in Alphabet City. We had tried to get together twice before and had to cancel. Today was the big day and John was making the meal. They eat a lot like we do so we knew we would feel right at home. John made Quinoa, a big pot of Greens (Broccoli, Kale and Green Beans), Garbanzo Beans and a creamy Tahini Dressing.

We each got a large bowl to fill up. Yum.

Next course was a fresh fruit salad.

The big treat was homemade Chocolate Chip muffins. Well done John!

Originally we were going to get home early because we were going to have out-of-town guests staying with us for the night. Unfortunately, they had to cancel. We took advantage of the situation and the gorgeous weather and walked from Alphabet City to the Lower East Side. We stopped into a restaurant supply store and bought molds for me to make Japanese Silk Pancakes. I recently created a gluten-free/vegan recipe that was delicious but the shape was not so good. I am looking forward to using the new molds to perfect the recipe.
Snack:: Somehow, we ended up at JaJaJa. I wanted Gary to try the place since I had been there once without him. We sat at the bar and had drinks. I got a Hibiscus Ice Tea and Gary had a beer. We sat and chatted for almost an hour before we decided to order some food.

The Nachos seemed like the best choice. I think they make the best vegan nachos here.

Third Meal:: All good days should end with Kale Salad made with Black Olives, Red Onion and Tahini Dressing.



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