What Vegans Eat – Day 1590


First Meal: Today’s breakfast features the organic Garbanzo Bean Waffle and fresh, ripe organic Pears. I like pressing the pear chunks in the waffle indentations for the perfect flavor combination. No syrup required. We just got a delivery of new teas. I’m back drinking Bai Mu Dan! It’s one of my favorites.

Second Meal: We had tickets to see a matinee of Burn This! with Adam Driver. I almost forgot we had the tickets and fortunately Gary reminded me. I was curious about seeing this revival but not very excited. We are members of TDF.org where we have access to discounted tickets. The first surprise was the location of the seats we received. Center orchestra, 15th row. Spectacular! Then… Pow! Bang! Pop! We were blown away by the sizzling hot performance of Adam Driver. It takes a lot to impress me and Gary, a couple of jaded theatre people… This was a performance of a lifetime. Unforgettable. We are talking about seeing it again. Afterwards we went to the Triad to see the space. We are considering renting it one night to do a reading of one of Gary’s plays. We were so excited when we left that we had to celebrate. We walked about ten blocks north to Peacefood Cafe. I had the Pom Pom Curry which was outstanding.

Gary had a plate of sides where he got to choose what he wanted, Tofu, Squash, Kale and Brown Rice with a flavorful Lime/Garlic dressing.


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