What Vegans Eat – Day 1597


First Meal: I have three events to go to today, no time for cooking. This morning I went to a followup doctor’s appointment. Afterwards I was heading to my friend John’s home to prerecord an interview with Encar Garcia Vila. I was early and stopped to eat a couple of organic Apples in the park.

The interview was fascinating! Tune in this Tuesday to hear it.
Second Meal: I looked forward to eating when I got home. Organic Red Lentil Soup first. Did I mention I love red lentils?

Gary made a tasty sauce with Capers to top the marinated Tempeh served with a side of Brown/Black/Red Rice blend and slices of a medley of baked organic Purple, White and Brown Sweet Potatoes.

Third Meal: Repeat later on for dinner, the Rice Blend topped with Tahini. I call this comfort food.


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