What Vegans Eat – Day 1596


First Meal: It’s civic duty day. I am volunteering as an election poll worker for a primary in New York. It’s an important one here in Queens where we get to vote for the democratic candidate for district attorney. I got up at 4am and reported in at 5am. There was a bowl of leftover Oatmeal that I brought with me, plust yesterday’s food from Green Zenphony. It was very slow and people were not coming in to vote. What to do? Eat. But I forgot my utensils! I chose to eat my “Fish Soup” first because I could sip it and grab the veggies with my fingers.

I did the same with the Chinese Broccoli and hour later.

First Meal:
I went home for a dinner break and Gary had prepared a beautiful meal: organic Brown/Black/Red Rice Blend, organic Baked Yellow Potato Fries,
, organic Tomatoes and Avocado, Black Beans and roasted Broccoli and Bell Peppers.
Treat: It was a long day. Gary walked to the school to “pick me up” and we walked home together. It’s a warm, humid night. We got home and I made soft serve with frozen organic Strawberries, organic Bananas and organic Soy Milk, topped with organic Coconut Flakes.


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