What Vegans Eat – Day 1599


First Meal: It’s heating up here in New York. With the exterior work going on at our building we keep the windows closed and the AC off. It’s hot and stuffy but our breakfast is cool and refreshing – organic Rolled Oats with organic Blueberries, organic Walnuts, organic Raisins, organic Coconut and cold organic Soy Milk.

Second Meal: It’s date night and we’re going out with my old friend Chris and his girlfriend Erika. I’m excited. We met at Bareburger which now boasts a 50% vegan menu. Our server Cliff told us the owners want to go 100% vegan but they are taking the time to make it a successful transition. We had beer to celebrate. There’s much to celebrate!

All fries should be sweet.

I ordered Guacamole and Chip but was disappointed. The chips were kind of soggy.

Gary had the Big Bopper with the Beyond Burger.

I went with my usual house made Black Bean Burger with added Tempeh wrapped in a Collard Leaf.

Nightcap: Next we went to see Come From Away, the musical about a Canadian town that housed many people from planes grounded there during 9/11/2001 terroist attack in New York. It was an energetic show with no intermission. When it was over we were ready for a night cap. P.S. Kitchen is the best place to go. All the drinks came with environmentally-friendly paper straws, in Pride Rainbow Colors. Gary had an iced Mint Tea. I chose the Billie Jean King, a cocktail made with Bourbon, Lemon and Maple Syrup.

Gary ordered the Coconut Ice Cream and Brownie and we all got to share.


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