What Vegans Eat – Day 1602


First Meal: I love when I am in the mood for crepes. Whipping up the organic Buckwheat batter is easy. Standing by the grill requires patience, but it’s an opportunity to stand in gratitude, with a silent meditation for the gifts you are creating for you and your family. Gary helped and made the organic Peanut Butter Cream and sliced the organic Bananas. While making the crepes, I multi-tasked and made the organic Raspberry Pear Compote and sliced the organic Strawberries.

Second Meal: Did I mention it’s been hot? With the Local Law 11 exterior work on our building (SINCE MARCH!) we keep our windows closed during the day and the AC off. After a long, hot day, Gary and I were suffocating. We walked to the Kew Gardens Cinema to see Yesterday, which we both loved! It’s about a 25-minute walk one way. The movie uplifted our overheated spirits. Once very close to our apartment, we weren’t ready to return home so we walked 20 minutes in the opposite direction to Green Zenphony for a late supper. They close at 10pm. I called ahead for a take out order. We got there about 9:35pm and they said it was okay to sit at a table.
We started with the Barbecued Veggie Ribs.

After seeing the documentary Pavarotti yesterday, I was craving pasta, or noodles. I went for the ultimate comfort dish of Veggie Beef Chow Fun.

Gary ordered his regular Bean Curd Supreme.

Chinese Broccoli is mandatory.


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