What Vegans Eat – Day 1613


First Meal: Watermelon is often all I want to eat in this hot and humid weather. I once heard that the white part just underneath the skin is very nutritious. So I made sure I cut the melon close to the skin. I like the combination of the sweet red part and the almost bitter white.

Second Meal: I gobbled up the remaining pieces of lasagna from last night. It was also good served cold.

Third Meal: We leave tomorrow for California. The cupboard is almost bare. The obvious option is Green Zenphony. Roasted Veggie Duck Cold Cut, which is my favorite stuffed Bean Curd Skin.

Gary got the Roast Veggie Pork Ribs.

We continued with some favorites – the Sizzling Wonder for me.

The Bean Curd Supreme platter for Gary.

And of course the Chinese Broccoli. We brought a little home that will make a last meal tomorrow before we leave.


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