What Vegans Eat – Day 1612


First Meal: I am so happy to have our terrace back! I sat out in the morning sun, eating Watermelon and preparing music for the upcoming workshops I will be teaching in California.

As the sun got hotter I went back inside and had a small bowl of cold, cooked organic Red Lentils. They were leftover from when I made Baked Red Lentil “Salmon” Cakes a few days ago.

Snack: Next I was off to mom’s. I had a number of tasks to take care of there before leaving for California. Mom told me she had a lot of ripe Bananas so I looked forward to eating one when I arrived.

I shopped for her before I got to the house and got what I needed to make a big soup. In addition to the usual organic Carrots, organic Onions, organic Garbanzo Beans and organic Potatoes, this soup had organic Celery and organic Mushrooms.

Mom kept asking me if I wanted a salad. I finally told her I did and encouraged her to make it. She did a great job. This salad had organic Romaine Lettuce, organic Tomatoes, organic Olives and organic Red Onions.

I’ve been wanting to take advantage of the book outdoor pool at the clubhouse where mom lives and I always run out of time. Today I didn’t care how late I got home. I was going to do some laps in the pool. It was delightful. Gary had been in Manhattan during the day. We both got home late. I suggested we have the lasagna Gary had made and frozen a few weeks back. It was made with Brown Rice Noodles, Gary’s Italian Tomato Sauce and my Almond Ricotta recipe. We set the table out on the terrace and ate by candlelight. The lasagna was perfect.


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