What Vegans Eat – Day 1615


First Meal: We have a day off to get settled and situated before started our theater workshops tomorrow. We are staying behind Gary’s cousin Nancy’s house in an apartment unit she and her husband Wade recently bought and are renovating. Nancy stocked the kitchen with some favorites from Trader Joe’s – organic Oats, organic Raisins, organic Soy Milk, organic Blueberries, organic Bananas. We had our morning Rolled Oats plus, just like at home before stepping out to get some sun, breathe the dry air (not humid like in New York) and do some grocery shopping.

Second Meal: We stopped at Vegetarian House for lunch. The food is always great here although the portions have been getting smaller. We shared the Heavenly Salad.

I chose the Guru Curry. I was hungry and I knew this would fill me up. It’s rich.

Gary chose the Clay Pot Sensation which is more like a dish I would order made with Bean Curd Skin in an savory sauce.

We met Nancy and Wade later at the annual Obon Festival in San Jose. This Japanese festival is a wonderful community event. The highlight is when hundreds of residents join in the dancing. Today there were over 800 people who participated. We were told there were about 1500 during yesterday’s dances! Afterward we went back to their house, sat outside in the back and had some watermelon, my favorite.


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