What Vegans Eat – Day 1623


First Meal: The second week of our California theater class has begun. We left the house and went to Roy’s Station for our hot drinks. The energy at Roy’s Station is special and we like starting the day here.

We had breakfast outside under the big tree at the theater. As promised I cooked together the under cooked Purple Potatoes and Black Beans and added in what was left of the Red Romaine Lettuce and Florida Avocado Salad. There’s a lot of it and I’ll be eating it all week. It looks like dirt but I LOVE it.

Gary passed on it and made his Rice Cake sandwich with Peanut Butter.

Snack: I didn’t need much at lunchtime, just an organic Apple.

Second Meal: By late afternoon when our day class was done I was painfully hungry. Gary was too. We went to the closest place, Khanh’s. First, four tofu rolls.

I got my Tofu and Vegtable Dish.

Gary got the Rice Vermicelli and Veggies. We are feeling better now.

Third Meal: In the evening we finished up with Green Juice, a night cap.


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