What Vegans Eat – Day 1639


First Meal: I went to visit mom today. I never eat before I get to her house. When I arrived she was baking Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes in the oven and was boiling more Potatoes on the stove. It was a potato fest. I turned everything off and took her to her doctor’s appointment. She has a pain on her side and I wanted her to get an X-ray. When we got back, we sat down and ate.

For dessert we had Strawberries.

Second Meal: It was a lucky day for me. I found a parking spot as soon as I arrived home. I was planning to meet my cousin Jeffrey’s son Victor with his friends at Bareburger tonight for dinner. They are visiting NYC from Jacksonville. We were having a big summer downpour. I walked to the restaurant and waited as the bottom of my pants dried. They were late but on their way. Victor was texting me as they got closer. Then he told me one of his friends had lost her phone! I waited a while longer. They went back to where they started and found the phone. It was getting late and I suggested we reschedule. I walked home. Fortunately, the rain had stopped. When I walked into the apartment Gary had a big Kale Salad waiting. I needed Kale.


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