What Vegans Eat – Day 1640


First Meal: Mm, Gary made with Teeccino with Soy Foam.

Then we had a big bowl of Oatmeal with lots of Cinnamon, Apples and Walnuts.

Second Meal: I made a sauté of vegetables: Zucchini from Gary’s cousin Nancy’s garden that we brought back from San Jose, Onions and Kale.

Third Meal: I rescheduled with my cousin’s son Victor to meet with him and his friends tonight. This time it went without a hitch. I met his friends Ashley and Tamarrow. I ordered the Cali Fresh Salad again, adding the Black Bean Burger on top. I tried to talk Victor into getting one of the vegan burgers, but I failed. He ordered from the meat side of the menu. Tamarrow who is vegetarian ordered the Original made with the Impossible Vegan Burger. Ashley got a Salad. We covered a lot of ground, talking about the environment, nutrition and where the three had gone the past few days visiting NYC from Jacksonville, FL. Ashley said she is trying to reduce plastics in her life. She carries her own metal straws and never buys beverages in plastic bottle. That’s awesome!

When I got home, I nibbled on the Baked Tofu and Potatoes Gary had made.


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