What Vegans Eat – Day 1641


First Meal: Today’s first meal is a simple one, leftover Oatmeal and slice Oranges. These oranges are like candy, so sweet and juicy.

Second Meal: We have not gotten back into a groove yet since we came home from California. We’ve picked up a few groceries but the refrigerator and pantry are not stocked like they usually are. We are just not in the mood to cook or do much of anything. We went to Green Zenphony for dinner. Gary got his Veggie Pork Ribs and I had the Red Cabbage and Lemon Juice (with no added sugar).

Gary got his gorgeous Bean Curd Platter Supreme.

I got my mushroom fix with the Triple Mushroom with Bean Curd.

And we got the Chinese Broccoli. We are so predictable.

A few slices of Watermelon are nice for dessert.


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