What Vegans Eat – Day 167


I’m just not really hungry lately in the warm weather. I got up and finished the 1/2 pear I saved from the day before and made some green kukitcha tea. I don’t drink the tea hot these days. I wait for it to cool and drink it warm or at room temperature. And sometimes if it gets really hot, I may even add some ice!
I went to visit my friend Rachael in Brooklyn who got her contractor’s license and has been renovating her home. I was very proud of her accomplishments. We sat in her lovely new kitchen and caught up with our lives and then moved out to the backyard for a little while. I drank cool, clean water and munched on crunchy sweet grapes.
Later we went for a walk in her neighboorhood and I got a Kale-Pineapple-Mixed Berry-Coconut Milk Smoothie at a place called Meme’s Healthy Nibbles, their tag line says they specialize in burgers, sandwiches and vegan cuisine. Something for everyone! I chose coconut milk because it was the only nondairy milk they had that was unsweetened. By this time I was hungry and it hit the spot.
When I got home I couldn’t stop thinking of the miso soup I made the night before. So I made another Miso Mushroom Soup, this time adding a lot of fresh ginger and garlic to the broth. It’s easy to make and I love it. Don’t be surprised if this soup keeps showing up in the next few weeks.
After something salty and savory, we tend to want something sweet, right. I poured some plump, frozen blueberries into a bowl and enjoyed them, one by one.
Daily Green Juice: Last but not least, I enjoyed my green juice made with Collards, Celery, Lime, Carrots and Ginger. Since I make them once a week and freeze them, it took a while before it was defrosted and ready for drinking. I was glad to have it.

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