What Vegans Eat – Day 1674


First Meal: Pancakes this morning! I made up a batter from the few ingredients we have left in the refrigerator, All Purpose GF Flour, Flax Seeds, vanilla, Soy Milk, Apricot Butter plus some Baking Powder. I was not in the mood to whip up some Aquafaba so they weren’t as light or fluffy as they could be.

Still with Raspberry Coulis and Roasted Banana Cream, they were yummy.

Second Meal: This may not be an attractive looking plate but it’s full of flavor and important nutrients! We’ve got the Multigrain Blend of Millet, Brown Rice, Red RIce and Black Rice, plus Kale Salad and the Red Cabbage Stew.

And green juice! Gary got juicing today and made some seriously green juice, with Kale, Celery, Carrots and Cabbage. We had some frozen lemon juice that we defrosted to add in. It really helps make the bitter flavors go down in a delightful way.


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