What Vegans Eat – Day 1679, travel edition: San Isidro, Costa Rica


First Meal: At my hotel in San Isidro, Costa Rica, I went to the outdoor restaurant for breakfast. The server did not speak English, but he understood “soy vegana!” There was fruit on the menu and I chose that. Look what I got! So beautiful.

Second Meal: I am here to take care of some tax-related issues that affect my property here. I have my own 20-acre property and share a piece with Helen, a woman I bought the property with back in 2005. First we went to the lawyer we used to work with to pick up our files and books. It took a while but we got everything we came for. Next we went to see our new lawyer. I was anxious worrying about how much was going to be owed. The lawyer was fabulous. He spoke English and was very patient with all of our questions. He told us to come back tomorrow and we’ll see where we stand. Helen suggested we go to the Urban Farm Cafe. They have lots of vegan options. We sat in the back, outside.

We began with smoothies made with Celery, Parsley and Pineapple. Such a great combination!

We both ordered the Mexican Bowl. It was good and even better after I pour some of the house-made Hot Sauce on it. Gary would be proud of me.

Snack: I stopped into a grocery and bought some fruit. I started with Mamon Chino, which are called Rambutans in English. They are similar to Lichee Nuts. They are in season now so it’s time to enjoy. A little later I devoured an entire Papaya.

Third Meal: My friend Beth lives here and we met at a restaurant called Cocoa Sushi. We started with Edamame. It’s a great dish to have when you have a lot of talking to do catching up with an old friend.

The Avocado Maki I ordered was excellent.


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