What Vegans Eat – Day 1680, travel edition: San Isidro, Costa Rica


First Meal: Starting my day here in Costa Rica with another Fruit Plate at the hotel. I had it with a Cardamom Black tea and I liked this combination.

Today is a day off. I worked most of the morning on my computer sitting in the hotel courtyard. It was delightful. I love breathing the air here and sitting in a lush tropical environment. When I got back to my room I noticed the linens hanging outside. Do they hang all the linens here to dry? It rains all the time, nothing gets dry here! The linens were gone fortunately before the rain started.

Second Meal: I was really hungry and it was time to hunt for food. It’s the rainy season and the rain usually comes down from noon until 5pm. I got out when it was drizzling and looked for something close by. I walked into the Kafe de la Casa, a restaurant I hadn’t been to since 2005. Back then, the restaurant had a macro “healthy” reputation. I ordered my meal and sat out in the outdoor garden area. My plate came with fish and I freaked out. There was obviously a misunderstanding. Fortunately, the server took it back and brought me a vegan plate. Fast forward to present day, I thought I would try it again. The restaurant was empty, it was late afternoon. I sat down and told the server, “Soy vegana.” She understood me. Everyone here knows was “soy vegana, soy vegano” means today. She asked a few questions and then brought me this delicious plate with Plantains, Beans, Rice, Sauté and seasoned Hearts of Palm, and Salad. It cost only $4.50!

Third Meal: Beth was teaching yoga and invited me to take her class. She’s a great teacher. Afterwards we walked to the Bazooka Restaurant. I had the Chile Relleno, without cheese. It was marvelous, Beans, Rice, Avocado, Salsa and a Pepper stuffed with Potatoes.


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