What Vegans Eat – Day 1681, travel edition: San Isidro, Costa Rica


First Meal: I love starting the day here with a beautiful plate of Fresh Fruit, served outdoors. The mornings during this rainy season are sunny and lovely.

Second Meal: Helen and I met again with our new lawyer here in Costa Rica. He had great news and helpful recommendations that are saving us money. All the dread I had coming here is gone. Afterwards we went to a city building to submit our required declarations regarding our properties values. Then we went to celebrate with lunch at Urban Farm Cafe again.

They know what “Soy vegana” means here and have lots of vegan options.

We both got Celery/Parsley/Pineapple Smoothies.

I tried the Falafel Salad plate today. Also very good. The Lettuce was very fresh and mixed with Kale which made it even better.

Helen chose the Mexican Salad plate again.

We sat and enjoyed our lunch as the rain poured down. We were happy to have made it here before the rain started. Now we can just watch it and stay dry.

Back at the hotel I thought I would go to the gym. I got dressed in workout closed and walked over to the room where the gym was supposed to be. There was a sign that said it’s temporarily closed. Bummer! I learned the equipment is being replaced and the room is closed for a month. But there is a pool and I got in it. I love swimming laps. I swam a long time until the rain started again.

Third Meal: I took a quick shower and came back to the restaurant to watch the rain. I ordered the same Vegetable Mediterranean Rice that I had on Sunday night.


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