What Vegans Eat – Day 1686


Green Juice: Sometimes, more often than not, I have overly ambitious plans for the day. Today was one of those days. I signed up for an 8:45am training class with the Board of Elections to be a poll worker for the upcoming elections. The location was about an hour’s walk from home. I thought I would walk there, walk home and stop at Trader Joe’s on the way home to pick up some needed groceries. This way I would get in the training, my exercise for the day and check off the shopping too. Walking in the morning was lovely. I was a bit frustrated when I arrived at the address for the training because the entrance was no where to be found. After adding another ten minutes to the walk I called the Board of Elections and they guided me to the “secret” location. Heading back was more challenging. I was not prepared for this first day of Autumn to reach 88oF. I stopped at Trader Joe’s and filled my backpack and two shopping bags. I was loaded down in the heat. I was glad to have picked up a Green Juice at Joe’s to hydrate and stay energized.

First Meal: I couldn’t wait to eat when I got home. After drinking a giant glass of cold water I sat down to leftovers: the Okara cakes I made yesterday, with the last of my homemade Red Sauerkraut and Yellow Sweet Potatoes.

Snack: Something easy and yummy, Peanut Butter and Apricot Butter on a Rice Cake.

Second Meal: Defrosted Red Lentil Soup hits the spot for an evening quick meal.


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