What Vegans Eat – Day 1700


First Meal: We are not ready for the New York time zone. We got up really, really late. I was going into the Progressive Radio Network studio today to pre-record an upcoming show with Joyce Friedman and David Karopkin. Gary planned on joining me and we thought we might do something afterwards. We managed to drag our butts to the train and head to the studio. The preprecord was great. I hope you will tune into the show next week, on October 15. It took a while for Gary and I to decide what to do but ultimately we settled on going to Franchia. We both went for noodle soups. Gary chose the Barbecued Soy ‘Meat’ & Wonton with Noodles and Bok Choy in Vegetable Broth.

I was going to be more adventurous but ended up choosing the Pho Noodles Soup: Vietnamese rice noodles with soy ‘beef ’, basil & bean sprouts in veggie broth.

Second Meal: We were waiting to take the train home after rush hour. We took our time walking to the station. When we got home, the Biscotti I had made yesterday were calling me. I made Chai Tea (just the spices, no black tea) with Soy Foam and Cinnamon and served us some cookies. Gary was the sensible one. He had the tea and skipped the cookies and warmed up some of the Rice Blend he had made yesterday, mixing it with Tahini Dressing.

After I had a few cookies I wanted something savory too and heated up some of yesterday’s Kale/Carrot/Onion Glass Noodle Soup.


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