What Vegans Eat – Day 1703


First Meal: It’s just another day here at Responsible Eating And Living headquarters. We started we classic Oatmeal, with Raisins and Apples. After I shot the photo, I piled on Flax Seeds and Coconut Flakes on top of my bowl.

Second Meal: Towards the end of our long walk when the need for fuel kicks in I start thinking about the next meal. There were leftover Buckwheat Crepes all ready to go in the refrigerator. We also had some leftover cooked Kale with Onions and Corn. I thought about adding a jar of Tomatoes to it for a savory crepe filling. That’s just what I did when we got home. I also added some dried Basil to the mix. There was a bowl of “something” in the freezer. It was not labeled. Gary thought it might be a leftover smoothie. I defrosted it earlier in the day and tasted it, Blech! It wasn’t a smoothie. It actually was Gary’s leftover tasty Red Lentil Cheesy Sauce. But when I dipped my spoon in to taste it thinking it was a sweet, fruit smoothie my tongue was shocked. Once I knew what it was it tasted good. I thought it would go perfectly, warmed up to top the crepe filling. This dish was so good!

There was plenty of yesterday’s super chopped Kale Salad with Carrots, Celery, Onions and Apples that we finished up.

Third Meal: Working late at my desk trying to finish up a project Gary served me a Strawberry Banana smoothie. No surprises this time, it was the real thing and very good.


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