What Vegans Eat – Day 1729


Today is election day and I am a poll worker. I got up at 4am to arrive at the poll site by 5am. We typically stay until 10pm. It’s a long day. I wasn’t hungry and made a conscious decision not to bring food with me. I knew I would get breaks and be able to go home, only 2 minutes away.
First Meal: Gary was treating me with a special lunch. Pasta (gluten-free, Tinkyada brand) by Gary! The best, with his homemade Spicy Marinara.

I gobbled up the Salad too with my Cucumber Tzaziki on top.

Second Meal: My second break was at six and Gary had prepared a great meal – Steak and Potatoes! Our vegan version of that of course. We had Baked Tofu and Gravy, Baked Potatoes topped with Cashew Yogurt and Scallions and Broccolini with Red Onions. These baked potatoes were amazing. We couldn’t stop talking about how good they were. Everything was beautifully presented of course. Here’s the Broccolini.

And the Baked Tofu.

And my plate!

Then it was back to the polling site until 10pm. I hope if there was an election in your area you voted!

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