What Vegans Eat – Day 1732


First Meal: We learned a couple of days ago of the death of a dear family friend, Steve. We drove to his funeral this morning. After the service, we were joined by my mom and her friends, Phyllis, Eydie and Sid. No matter what the occasion, it’s always the right opportunity to go to the diner with these folks. The Dix Hills Diner was right across the street from I. J. Morris, the funeral home. I had been hoping to go with Gary to Plant Wise which is next to I. J. Morris but I knew the elders would prefer the diner. We both chose Oatmeal with Berries. I was served a big bowl with Blueberries.

Gary ordered his with Strawberries. I just hope the residues of glyphosate (used as a desiccant for grains), and methyl bromide and chloropicrin were insignificant.

Second Meal: We were very hungry for good, organic food when we got home. Fortunately the leftovers were waiting. While we heated everything up, we had appetizers, Moyoko’s Vegan Mozz on Tortillas.

Then we had Tostadas, piled high with Pinto Beans, Guacamole, Brown/Red/Black Rice Blend, Cashew Yogurt and more Vegan Mozz.

After dinner we had “hot drinks”. Teeccino with Soy Milk, dusted with Cocoa Powder and Cinnamon.

Third Meal: We were up late and got hungry. As much as I don’t like to eat late, I wanted something. I had a Baked Potato with Cashew Yogurt and Scallions. It hit the spot.


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