What Vegans Eat – Day 1763


First Meal: We always fly home on the red eye flight and get in early. After unpacking and settling in, Gary made Oatmeal with Apples. He remembered the last time I made it with cinnamon and he really liked it asking how much I added. I said two teaspoons, but obviously I was wrong. I never measure but this time he did and the Oatmeal had a strong cinnamon flavor. I liked it, Gary didn’t. I topped mine with Pumpkin Seeds and Coconut and gobbled it down. A little while later I cooked the rest with more Oats and water and served it to Gary.

Second Meal: We need to go food shopping but for now we will make do with what we have. There were a few Red Potatoes that I boiled up for us. Sometimes, plain, simple food is best.

Third Meal: We treated ourselves with Brown Rice Pasta with Peas. Gary made a Buttery Sauce with Soy Milk, Nutritional Yeast and Miyoko’s Cultured Vegan Butter.


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