What Vegans Eat – Day 1764


First Meal: Yesterday’s Brown Rice Pasta with Peas was so good, I looked forward to having the leftovers. I warmed them up, adding in Red Onion and Mushroom Powder to the buttery sauce. It was even better than last night.

Second Meal: I cooked a pot of Millet for Millet Maki. Some rolls I filled with Avocado and Sesame Seeds.

We defrosted the cooked Purple Sweet Potatoes and the cooked Blue Hubbard Squash we had frozen before our weekend trip to California. I used the Purple Sweet Potato in some of my Maki Rolls.

I had fun lining up our vegan, fish-free Maki on this Fish Platter. Fish are your friends, not food!

Gary made a delicious Mash with the Blue Hubbard Squash and Coconut Milk.


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